In Hannu's Footsteps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre
In Hannu's Foot steps - The Hannu Hautala Nature Photography Centre

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April 2021

huhtikuu2021 kk 9008963 ice

”The crane brings the spring light into the bed”, says an old Swedish proverb. The cranes arrive in Kuusamo in mid-April. One April morning there will be a tired crane couple sleeping on the familiar
marsh or frozen lake. They will come to the same spot every year. The cranes have adapted well to the changing marsh habitat. The nest can be located surprisingly near to human habitats.

March 2021

maaliskuu2021 kk 014322

An old crow couple spend their winter nights on their own nest territory. In the morning they fly to the landfill for some treats. In the evening they return tens of kilometers to their home forest. The
young, independent crows make up most of the flocks in the landfill.

January 2021


A black tuft decorates the tail of an ermine in its winter suit. It changes color for summer, to a brown-white suit. The ermine gives birth in a nest hole in a barn or in a pile of rocks. There can be about 5-8 cubs following the mother in the end of summer, depending on the mole population.

December 2020

kk joulukuu 2020

The Pine grosbeaks appear on rowans during winter, but in the summertime they are quite unknown in the north. They retreat to southern Finland for the winter to eat berries and return to Kuusamo as one of the first migrating birds. Their song is quite silent and brings summer to mind with its beautiful melody. They are late nesters and feed their younglings with berries. Like their friend the Bullfinch, they also only eat the seeds from the rowanberries.